Fixed functional

Torquing of the upper anterior without any wire and bracket

After having used MALU™   – our modified Herbst™ appliance – for almost three decades at Dr. Swadesh Kumar, we are convinced our approach is one of the most effective appliances for establishing Class I relation. 

To reinforce anchorage we need maximum friction, to move teeth we need zero friction. There is no need for expensive wire & bracket as our technique requires minimal amount of hardware to establish Class I molar relation but with speed and precision which is unparalleled in orthodontics. This is an incline plane guided, muscle force delivery system. 

MALU is sold in four different versions:

  1. MALU - conventional Herbst™ on special hinges)
  2. Tubular Jumper
  3. Elastic Jumper
  4. Spring Jumper